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In general, the big picture of selling your home in the Bloomington area is this:

  • You pick a Realtor, or decide to go FSBO (For Sale By Owner).
  • You and your Realtor determine the asking price based on market conditions and the sales of similar homes in your neighborhood and possibly similar neighborhoods.
  • You prepare your house to be sold.
  • Your house is listed on Homefinder (if you're working with a Realtor).
  • Your Realtor promotes the sale of your home to the public and to other Realtors, and shows the house to potential buyers.
  • You receive an offer to buy, or perhaps multiple offers.
  • With advice from your Realtor you accept or reject an offer.
  • You go through the closing process, getting the funds transferred to you.

It all seems so simple, doesn't it? But like so much of business and life, one of the biggest factors in selling a home is dealing with little and big exceptions. If there weren't subtleties, complications, roadblocks and problems, you wouldn't need a Realtor as much.

My job, and that of any Realtor, is to manage the sale in such a way that it simplifies the process for you and smooths out the bumps that can arise in such a large, significant transaction. Our common goal is to get you the best price for your property.

Your Bottom Line: Why Pick Me?

First, here's why not to pick me: I am not one of the top five best-selling local Realtors who list hundreds of homes. I'm not part of a large brokerage with dozens of Realtors on board. And, to be honest, real estate is not my life. I love my job, and take pride in helping people in both buying and selling their home.

Why pick me? Because I know the area and the process inside and out. Because my brokerage is smaller than many others, so you get more of my focus than with the big firms who list hundreds of homes. And, because people find me easy to work with, and perhaps most importantly, I get the job done.