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Don Sattler

When I was thinking about moving to Bloomington I contacted two friends I have here: one a printer, the other a judge. Polar opposites in terms of the crowds they're in.
Both of them independently recommended Brian.

He was really good and very patient through the whole process.
We have 2 girls and he was good with them. We must have looked at 30 houses and the girls picked out their bedrooms 30 times. We ended up buying a house that he showed us the first day. He worked with us on the pricing and helped us get a good deal.

Brian did a lot of legwork for us even after we made the offer because we were still in Chicago. He did a bunch of the document preparation for the closing.
If you're looking for a Realtor, call Brian.


Kimberly Wagner

I attended an open house that Brian was hosting and liked him immediately.

We talked about what we were looking for and price range. He would run reports on potential houses..
He got us access to MyHomefinder which was really helpful,
so we could do research too.

Brian was very patient.
The whole process of finding a new home took us over a year. We looked at at least 75 houses. Part of that search was that we were first time homebuyers, so we weren't quite sure what we were looking for. As we looked at houses we figured out what we wanted and needed.
He helped us focus on what we were wanting, but in a very non-leading kind of way. Which was helpful.

He was always quite responsive, and we were able to get a hold of him easily — which is very important.

Anyone looking for a Realtor in Bloomington, I would definitely recommend Brian and tell them that he is a wonderful person to work with.


John Talbott

Most realtors are so full of crap.
Brian, on the other hand was honest and a real person from the word go. Brian was the first guy I met in town. When you drive around in a car with someone for a long time, you either love them or you hate them.
He treated us like we were friends.
You just end up liking him.

Anybody looking for a Realtor I'd send them his way.