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Enhance your security of computer

Enhance your security of computer

Technology is ramps a lot in past few years.  Without help of technology the thing we are getting today is not an easy thing.  It is apparent that we are all using software for our day to day life activity. Use of internet, software is getting massive, at the same time the risk factors also getting increase. Many virus, scams and malware are evolved in recent times. It is our obligation to safe guards our data and information. Here the points to up keep your computer machine and to secure all your details.

Things to consider    

  • It is good to up keep your computer system by installing the latest version of software and application. This is because some of the application now are developing with the in- build anti – virus software. Therefore, updating of software is also enhancing the security to your system.
  • When you have installed any anti -virus software then make sure it is up to date. Do not let the anti -virus to be in your system after its expiry date. When you are installing or updating your latest version of anti- virus software then make sure whether the software is having the definition to point out the existing or newly emerging virus or any malware.
  • Many people are having doubt about anti- virus software for the MAC or mobile phones. The answer is of course they are also in need of the updated anti – virus software.
  • Most importantly many people forget to scan their external device when they are inserting. Mainly the USB devices are to be scanned as it is being inserting in many system. It may carry device from other to your machine. Do not insert your own USB device to any other infected machine.

Protect personal data

It is always a good habit to have the password for your personal company. Also when it comes to use of second person then create one guest account in your computer. And do not put password for the guest account. Having complex password for your personal account is recommended. It is always the right thing to have back up for all you important data and information. Back up your photos, video, images, details of your personal account such as banking transaction and work details. This helps in keeping your data safe and protective.

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