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Brian has been a Realtor in Bloomington for over 30 years – meaning, among other things, that he knows the neighborhoods and trends that affect this area.

Brian is also the broker handling Bloomington's vibrant South Dunn Street Project – basically a small development south of downtown that simultaneously affirms and breaks-with tradition. It's attractive enough that even through the real estate downturn, sales at South Dunn Street have been steady.

Brian's primary specialty is residential and residential investment properties in Bloomington, Lake Monroe, Ellettsville and the Monroe County real estate market. He is a Graduate Realtor Institute-GRI, Certified Residential Specialist-CRS.

Brian Lappin Real Estate was established in the fall of 1996. Having worked at large multi-department real estate firms for over 10 years, Brian felt he could best serve the needs of his buyers and sellers by offering more personalized service. Brian is well-regarded in the real estate community and believes that cooperation, along with professionalism among realtors creates a positive real estate environment for all.

Brian playing at IU with his band NTBBB - The Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band.

Brian has been a musician since the late 60's and has had the pleasure of performing in the bands of Jimmy Martin, Earl Taylor, and the Ragin' Texans.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Brian began playing banjo in the mid to late 1960's.

Heavily influenced by Earl Scruggs and J.D. Crowe, Brian's banjo chops gained the respect of his peers.

In Nashville, Brian became a part of the Sunny Mountain Boy in Jimmy Martin's band. Brian spent close to a decade playing bass in the legendary Ragin' Texans with Mellencamp/studio drummer Kenny Aronoff, Gordon Bonham, Craig Brenner, and Jim Bracken. This band was the definitive Bloomington blues/rock band of the 1980's.

During that time, Brian also played in the earliest incarnations of his current band, The Not Too Bad Bluegrass Band.

Brian is happily married to his loving wife Claudia. They have two sweet cats.